WHEN Booking with us

It is important that you use the correct email. Right after booking you will receive an email providing valuable information about your booking and our space. Passwords and door codes necessary to enter the studio will be included so it is essential that you use an email you have access to. Check spam.

When capturing your vision, if agreed to during online booking, an associate could come in and capture behind the scenes footage/images for marketing and promotional purposes. We do ask that you inform your customer or client about this before arriving for your session, if agreed to.

You have a 15 minute grace period after you booking time to pack up. After the 15 minutes have passed the A/C and the studio lights will be shut off as a signal, your time is up


Here is what we mean when we say "Your Smart Studio". You can talk to Google at anytime in the space. We are constantly finding new ways to integrate Google assistant with all smart technology we acquire. Right now you can ask Google these few things while you are in the studio:
• Hey Google, TURN ON STUDIO LIGHTS (Controls studio main lights)
• Hey Google, MAKE A/C 72 DEGREES (Control studio temp)
• Hey Google, WHAT TME IS IT?
• Hey Google, I'M LEAVING (It will shut of main light, hall light, music if playing and A/C)
• Hey Google, Unlock the door
• Hey Google, Play music on _____ (Select a speaker, Front, Back, or Infinity)

You can also connect to all 3 speakers in the studio via wifi. Once connected to the wifi, the Sonos speakers will show up as an option for airplay.


Mini Fog machine is located in locked black box next to couch. Hand-held takes 5 minutes to warm up. It gets very hot after 15 mins of usage. Please allow it to rest and cool down before using again. Not allowing it to cool down can lead to burning or melting attachments if connected. (This is an Add-On. This requires an additional fee for utilization. Once booked with add-on, you'll receive lock code).


When using the studio all beverages in the fridge at time of booking as well as the water dispenser and coffee maker are all included. We want you to be fully refreshed while capturing your vision. There are a few things that we do ask to make sure the studio stays in great shape for your return and future visionaries.

• Do not stand on curves on white infinity wall
• We do not allow more than 10 people inside the studio during a normal booking. If more than 10 people are needed please reach out to to book a custom session.
• Please double check that you have all your belongings before leaving.
• Please sign out all accounts if you are using the Macbook
• Please clean up any debris that you may have created. We do ask that you simply place items in trash. You won’t have to worry about moving furniture or equipment back, or throwing out any trash. We will take care of that.
• Lock door with smart lock upon leaving. To lock, hold any button down till you hear it lock.
• Please do not lock the door leading to outside. This door remains open for other guests.
• If you have a late booking please lock door leading outside to insure safety (But still leave that door unlock upon leaving).
• You have a 20 minute grace period after the time you’ve booked. During this time an associate will be checking in via camera to ensure you are preparing to leave for the studio’s next booking
• Refer a friend. If they book using your name as a referral you get a free hour
(This is a limited time promotion)


There are two cameras in the studio, one at the second entry way to see who arrives and one in the main studio overlooking the area. There are no cameras in bathrooms. The cameras are used for security, as well as virtual assisting. Beware, to ensure proper and appropriate studio usage, an associate can check in at any point in time. Unless additional privacy was requested inside of the studio.


Parking at Conxept Studios is limited. There are 2 designated spots directly in front of the studio. If additional spots are required feel free to park behind/in front one another. All other spots are strictly for other businesses during business hours. After hours (6pm-9pm) parking is free range.